The 2019 27th Annual Fort Pierce Sportfishing Club Offshore KDW Tournament was a success! Everyone had a great time as the weather was perfect.

A lot of fish were caught by tournament participants including junior and lady anglers.

Biggest Fish: Dina Strickland, Slab Grabber with  39.4 Kingfish

Lady Angler: 
1st:   Dina Strickland above
2nd:  Claudia Carter, on Reel Krazy, 18.5 king

Jr. Angler:
1st: Gavin Carter, on Reel Krazy, 30.75 king
2nd: Keegan Kline, on Caribbean Soul, 8.08 king

1st: Robert Ivey, Fishing Fool, 35.75
2nd: Jake Concannon, Sun Coast, 35.45
3rd: David Albritton, Get Snookered, 34.65

1st:  Chase Cornell, Southern Eagle, 30.70
2nd:  George DeAngelis, Reel Nutz, 19.10
3rd:  Clinton Skinner, Lota Bull, 17.80

No Wahoo weighed 

Largest in club fish:  Corey Clive,  on Reel Krazy, 30.75 king


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